Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Faith by Seven Collar T-Shirt

Malam-malam ni meh kita layan lagu. Best plak lagu ni walaupun sebenarnya aku x kenal pun band ni. Ni pun secara tak sengaja aku dengar band ni kat radio. Search kat youtube baru tau...

Take a walk I’ll hold your hands for now
It’s happening, it ‘s happening,
makes it hard to lose another night
I’ll pretend that I’m a man for now

It’s difficult,
it’s difficult,
to soothe a wounded heart
I’ll drink water because my blood has dried

It’s different,
it’s different,
thananything you’ve seen or heard before
Take a picture,
hold that smile forever

I’ll drink it everyday till it
becomes another skin
Before you go,
give me all of your love
Before you go I’l l give you all of mine

If it makes it easier
If it makes it easier to breath e
Wish it could be easier
I can ‘t b reathe

Fading away
Faith is a friend
You make it or break it
Ah…. .

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